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Facilities to accommodate old people provide health and social support and organize a variety of entertainment, sports and cultural events …

When youth leaves, everything becomes harder. The struggle with a serious illness and the inability of patients to take care of themselves impose partner or family great responsibility. However, when a partner is absent or sick, all the burden falls on children, who are sometimes not able to take that obligation. Sometimes it is placing parents in a home for elderly, in this region was a taboo subject, and today one of the humane and civilized solutions. Facilities of this type are designed to provide care to those in need, and I cannot get it in the family.

In homes for the elderly, who are in the system of social protection of citizens, the health and social needs of their tenants must be satisfied. Health care is provided at the primary, as in health centers, and users are cared for 24 hours. Special attention is focused on working with patients suffering from dementia. We provide timely and adequate care, proper treatment and care according to certain standards, which slows the progression of the disease and maintain quality of life for people with dementia. The

Nursing home has a kinesiology room where expert physical therapists help patients to recover faster from a pathological condition, a healthy untrained users to independently practice for maintaining health. For the weight of the moving tenants have a daily program of therapeutic exercise in their rooms. Social protection includes the work of many professionals, who are there to support users to more easily pass through a period of adaptation to the new conditions

Decision to go to the nursing home is never easy. It is a process, both for the one who changes residence and for his family. At this point, we are faced with a number of personal, emotional and cultural issues, about which it is important to talk with each other and with professionals who can help. Families are generally struggling with a strong sense of guilt. What helps in emotional terms is the fact that the care and custody of the family does not disappear, it just changes form. The family is accordingly to this also our user, which we include in many common activities.

In order to quickly and painlessly adapt new users to the new environment, there is a team of psychologists. For easier understanding for own feelings and overcoming the fear of the unknown, we provide our customers individual psychosocial support.
Psychologist helps in understanding the new living conditions, alleviating the sadness that may arise during the adaptation period, the strengthening of self-confidence, emotional, intellectual and social capacities of the users and contributes to the gradual acceptance of the new environment. Also, during stay in our institution psychologist continuously monitor changes in the psychophysical status of user, coordinates treatment in accordance with the changes that have occurred, they also assists in difficult situations such as illness, death of a close person, family problems, conflicts and similar situations

Tenants have access to a number of sections: music, literature, art, drama, creative … In the context of sports and recreational activities we organize trips, walks, as well as numerous competitions.
We organize concerts, performances, film screenings, theater performances, promotions, birthday parties, public and religious holidays. All these activities allow our customers to meet each other and socialize, and it is, according to our research, one of the most common motives and leads them into the home.

I invite all those who are still hesitant to visit us and personally make sure that all of this looks like in practice …